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Oil-based to Walter-based paint


Oil-based to Water-based paint,Only one spray gun is ok

   Water-based paint is a paint that use water as a solvent or dispersing medium.For example, all our internal and external walls paint, metal paint, automobile paint, etc. have corresponding water-base paint products.It has been widely used in many industries.It has the advantages of saving resources, no pollution, good protection and good corrosion resistance.But the cost of water-based paint is 70% to 80% higher than oil-base paint.Moreover, the water content is large, and it is easy to get mouldy.

   Zhejiang Rongpeng Air tools Co.,Ltd have developed top-grade A604 series spray gun,which can really help the transformation of oil-based paint into water-based paint.The core parts are made of imported stainless steel, resistant to corrosion, embroidery and wear;Independently developed and patented air nozzle design can have excellent fine atomization effect under 2bar(29psi) working pressure;and paint transfer efficiency is high, environmental protection saves paint, transmission efficiency reaches 65% above.High paint conversion rate can effectively improve the utilization rate of paint, reduce the cost of paint, and truly achieve the conversion from oil-based paint to water-based paint.It is suitable for metal paint, automobile sheet metal and other industries of water-based paint spray use.