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What’s The 5 Best Socket Driver in 2022


What’s the 5 best socket driver in 2022?

The AEROPRO air-powered socket driver 1/2-inch impact driver features Impact of job security, free from vibration, heat, electromagnetic, etc, segmented in take structure design, handing more accurate. tool has the appearance of new, large torque, low noise characteristics. knob to change the structure, the forward rotation and reverse rotation easily manipulated, high alloy steel, ensuring a more durable wear, greatly extend the service life. Best used for tire rotation, brake repairs, exhaust repairs, mechanical equipment bolt etc.




Massive torque


Aeropro A398 1/2” socket driver 

8500 blows per minute

Aeropro  AP9515 1/2” socket driver

Relatively quiet

Rongpeng R901 1/2” Air impact wrench

Good warranty

Aeropro 1/2” socket wrench



Aeropro A398 1/2” socket wrench

Multiple speeds

Aeropro A301 1/2” socket wrench

Light weight

Aeropro AP9515 1/2” socket wrench

1/2" Compact Air Powered Impact driver

Extra short: Length 115 mm

High performance jumbo hammer mechanism

Fatigue-proof work due to low net weight

Single handed switching for clockwise/anticlockwise running

Very low vibration

Threefold torque selection

With non-slip handle


Square drive head:  1/2”(13mm)

Capacity Bolt size:   5/8”(16mm)

SPEED (NO LOAD):   8500RPM±10%

Working torque:       450ft-lb(610N.m)

Working pressure:   90PSI(6.3Bar)

Weight:    1.2kgs(2.64Lbs)

Air hose required:    3/8”ID

Air inlet:   1/4” ID(6.35mm)

A weighted sound pressure level:   104.14dB (A)

Sound power level:  93.14dB (A)

Vibration in handle: 8.12m/s²,K=1.5 m/s²

aeropro AP9515 impact driver