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How To Choose The Impact Driver in 2022


how to choose the right impact driver in 2022

If you plan to use it in your car, then you are most likely buying an air impact driver. And you need to invest in an air compressor for your garage, but no matter what type of impact driver you plan to buy, you need to consider multiple functions.


The first and most important specification is the maximum torque that the impact driver must provide. The higher the torque provided by the impact wrench driver, the more uses and functions it has. AEROPRO has a series of impact drivers with different torques. The newly developed AEROPRO A398 impact wrench has large impact force more than 1200N.m, large torque and light weight, which can effectively relieve your fatigue at work.


Whether you buy a pneumatic impact driver or a wireless impact driver, you need to check its weight. Because of the battery, the cordless device is naturally heavier, and the longer you use a heavy impact driver, the more tired it will be. Therefore, the newly developed AEROPRO A398 impact wrench is your best choice, with large impact force, large torque and light weight, which can effectively relieve your fatigue at work.

pneumatic impact driver


Depending on the purpose for which you plan to use an impact driver, you can sacrifice torque for size. A smaller torque wrench allows you to enter a narrower space, if your job requires it, please keep this in mind.


Drive/socket size is important, you need to make sure you get what you need. The most common is 1/2 inch, followed by 3/8 inch. Similarly, purchase a socket set designed for impact drivers to complete your set. all of Aeropro impact driver can wholesales by air tool kits.

 air tool kits

Some impact wrenches have a torque adjustment function that allows you to control the torque output. This feature can come in handy in certain jobs, especially when you don't want to overtighten specific nuts or bolts.


You should also consider comfort, especially for longer projects. The last thing you want to do is get an impact driver that is uncomfortable to hold or hold. Look for ergonomic handles or even shock-proof features to reduce pressure on your hands. The newly developed AEROPRO A398 impact driver is ergonomic and can effectively relieve your fatigue at work.

socket set