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How To Choose Air Nail Guns For Your Decorative


Nail guns are a great addition to the tool library; they can speed up work, drive nails into hard-to-reach areas, and drive smaller nails without bending or breaking them. How do you choose a nail gun for your project? To help you make a decision, let’s take a look at the main nail guns used by homeowners during the interior decoration process:

Finish nail gun

The Aeropro AFN64 finish nail gun is a multifunctional tool that can drive nails of size 15 or 16 gauge. They are used for items smaller than frame nails, such as crown moldings, skirting boards, cabinets, chair armrests, decorative trim, wood products and hardwood floors. The finish nails are strong enough to hold these larger parts, but small enough to place them on the finished product.

finish nail gun for decorative

Brad Nail Guns

The Aeropro F50RC Brad Nailer can drive 18-gauge Brad Nails. The Brad Nailer is used for smaller trims, and larger nails may split the wood. Using a hammer to drive tack nails can be frustrating because their ultra-thin pins will bend easily. This is why it is advantageous to use a nail gun when working on an ongoing project.


Gas-powered nail guns

Gas-powered nail guns uses a fuel cell with a rechargeable battery. This type of nail gun does not require air compressors, hoses or wires, which provides some convenience. Compared with pneumatic tools, it is considered a more expensive way to power nail guns.

Air powered or pneumatic nail gun

This is the most popular choice for power fastening tools because it is an economical, powerful and convenient way to power nail guns. This nailing machine uses compressed air to nail the nails. If you choose a pneumatic tool, make sure that the air requirements of the nail gun and compressor match-make sure your nail gun is working properly.

air nailer for decorative