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How to use AEROPRO RHF9021 Framing Air Nail Gun


AEROPRO RHF9021 21 Degree Round Head Framing Air Nail Gun is one of the best seller product in AEROPRO.This is the way to learn to use the product as soon as you receive it,you can read the description.


First:Choose Firing Mode

Your framing nailer comes with a black single-fire trigger already assembled.This is the best choice if you havent used a framing nailer before,or if you want accurate nail placement.

Follow the AEROPRO instructions to install the red bump-fire trigger if you want quick successive firing.


Second:Connect To Compressor

Set your compressor to 70 PSI and use the quick-connect fitting on your air hose to connect your framing nailer.If you have a really dense material,you can increase the pressure up to 115 PSI.

Put a few drops of oil into the fitting before connecting to a compressor to keep things running smoothly!


Third:Load Nails

Pull the side lever back along the magazine until it snaps into place.

Drop the nails into the open channel on the top of the magazine.The angle of the nails should match the angle of the nose of the nailer.


Forth:Adjust and Go!

This nailer is loaded with features that let you customize for any project.

Change the depth adjust,360° air exhaust,or remove the no-mar tip for extra holding power.    

Pro Tip:Use piece of scrap material to test cut your nailer before starting on the real thing!



Main Features:

RHF9021-A with depth adjusting device,Both of aluminum magazine

Large piston for increased power

Rubber comfortable power

Safety system protects the operator

Tool hook can be installed

Single fire or sequential fire available



Nailer,carrying case,oil,allen wrenches,goggle and operating manual.



Model No.RHF9021




Required Pressure80-120PSI(5.5-8bar)

Nail Capacity:2x30PCS