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Wholesale LVLP Auto Spray Gun Customer Review


Aeropro Brand Wholesale LVLP Auto Spray Gun Customer Review

If you're going to paint with a small compressor or maybe you're a DIYer that wants to paint your car at home garage This is the best one that you want to own. you don't have to go crazy and buy a large and expensive air compressor. All you need is a 30- 60-gallon air compressor will be much enough(you need to consider the CFM as well) The atomization of Aeropro R500 LVLP Auto Spray Gun is great, so it's perfect for clear coat and base coat, this is the only gun that comes with different sizes of air cap as additional choices in the marketplace, so you can apply primer with 1-7- 2.0mm nozzle, and spray base and clear coat with 1.3-1.4mm nozzle. I've reached the limit of words, it's a great gun and responsive seller!!!! highly recommend it!!!!!!!!!!

Aeropro Brand Wholesale LVLP Auto Spray Gun

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