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How to avoid bubbles during automatic spraying


Small Bubbles Appear During Automatic Spray Gun Spraying

The automatic spray gun is an indispensable spraying tool on the spraying assembly line. During the spraying process using the automatic spray gun, small bubbles may occasionally appear on the paint surface, which not only affects the appearance but also the quality of the spraying. What should we do at this time?

We first need to know why this small bubble appears, and then take the appropriate medication.
1. There is too much pigment mixed in the paint coating, and the pigment is not stirred evenly, without adding auxiliary agents such as softeners, resulting in too large particles in the coating. After spraying with an automatic spray gun, there will be protrusions. The solution is: when purchasing paint, try to choose a better quality paint, and before using it, go through a fine sieve and dilute it evenly until there are no bubbles.
2. The paint itself contains impurities and is directly used without undergoing fine screening treatment. The solution is to carefully screen the purchased paint and ensure its cleanliness during mixing.
3. When mixing paint, the ambient temperature is too low, causing the bubbles inside the paint to not spread and burst. Therefore, the Rongpeng automatic spray gun will have the effect of bubbles when sprayed out. The solution is to find a suitable temperature place to mix the paint, and also ensure that the mixing environment is a place free of impurities and dust.
4. There are impurities or dust on the surface of the sprayed object, and when using an automatic spray gun to spray without paying attention, it can cause protrusions. The solution is to clean the surface of the sprayed object, making it very flat and smooth, and also keeping it dry to prevent the paint from not adhering well to it.
5. If the bucket or brush used to fill the paint is not clean, impurities will be brought into the container when mixing the paint. The solution is not to use paint buckets or other containers that have been used many times. If there is a special need, the inside should be cleaned and reused.
6. The construction environment was not well protected, and during the spraying process, the surrounding dust and impurities were carried onto the brush or nozzle due to wind. So it is necessary to take protective measures for the surrounding environment of spraying.


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