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What If The Spray Gun Doesn't Work


The spray gun has malfunctioned during use,Most of them are due to not receiving careful maintenance and upkeep,Long term accumulation can cause frequent problems once triggered.

Here are some of the processing methods we provide, which can be used as a reference.





Bubbles appear in the gun cup



1.The nozzle is loose or not tightened, causing air to enter the paint channel and bubbles to appear in the gun cup during painting

1.Use the original AEROPRO wrench to tighten the nozzle

2.The back of the nozzle is blocked, and paint residue prevents the nozzle from completely sealing with the air distribution ring

2.Carefully clean the nozzle using the original AEROPRO cleaning tool

3.Blocking the vent hole of the gun pot can cause a vacuum to be generated, and air will be sucked into the paint channel, causing bubbles to appear first and eventually leakage of paint

3.Clean the vent hole of the gun cup and replace it if necessary


The plating layer on the thread of the gun body falls off

1.The PH value of the spray gun cleaning solution is lower than 6 or higher than 8, and acidity or alkalinity can damage the electroplating layer

1.When using a neutral cleaning solution to clean the spray gun, pay attention to the pH value of the cleaning solution

2.Failure to thoroughly dry or remove the hood after cleaning with the spray gun, resulting in damage to the surface of the electroplating layer on the threads caused by residue of the cleaning solution

2.Please thoroughly blow dry the spray gun after each cleaning and during assembly and disassembly







Air leakage from the spray gun air valve

1.Improper cleaning of the spray gun and damage to the sealing ring of the air valve due to dry paint residue, resulting in air leakage

1.Replace the air valve sealing ring and regularly inspect and clean the sealing ring to ensure normal operation

2.The return spring of the air valve sealing ring is broken, causing the air valve sealing ring to fail to return, resulting in air leakage

2.Replace the return spring

3.Air leakage caused by deformation of the top rod of the air valve

3.Replace the air valve top rod and place the spray gun on a suitable spray gun holder


Paint leakage at the trigger of the spray gun

1.The fixing screws of the gun needle sealing ring were not tightened, resulting in paint leakage

1.Use the original AEROPRO tool to tighten the sealing ring of the gun needle

2.The sealing ring of the gun needle is worn or damaged, resulting in paint leakage

2.Replace the needle sealing ring; If necessary, replace the nozzle kit.

3.The gun needle is worn, causing paint leakage

3.Replace nozzle kit


Air leakage from air cap when trigger is not pressed


Air inlet valve or seat is contaminated.

1.Lubricate the inlet valve stem.

2.Inlet valve stem is stuck.

2.Vlean the air inlet valve or seat.

3.Air inlet valve or seat is worn or damaged.

3.Replace ar inlet valve or seat.

Air inlet spring is broken.

4.Replace air inlet spring.

Inlet valve stem is bent.

5.Replace inlet valve stem.


Excessive overspray

1.Atomization pressure is too high.

1.Reduce the air pressure.

Work surface is too far.

2.Adjust to proper distance.

3.Improper stroking(arcing,gun motion are too fast)

3.Move at moderate pace,parallel to work surface.



No spray

1.No pressure in gun.

1.Check air lines.

2.Fluid control is not properly opened.

2.Open the fluid control.

3.Fluid is too thick or heavy.

3.Thin the fluid or change to pressre feed system.


Follow the correct steps to install and remove the nozzle three-piece set

When disassembling and installing the three-piece nozzle set of the AEROPRO spray gun, the procedure of "replacing the nozzle set" should be strictly followed. If the operating procedure is violated, it is easy to cause problems such as nozzle expansion and cracking.

The following pictures show the installation and disassembly steps.


If this article still cannot help you troubleshoot, please contact us:sales@aeroprotools.com