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How To Select The Spray Gun


Are You Looking For The LVLP Spray Gun

A perfect spray gun can save most of the time at work.So how to find a suiable air spray gun for you?

Firstly, you can check the size of your own air compressor.HVLP is an abbreviation for high air flow and low air pressure, referring to compressed air with high flow rate (10-25 CFM) at low air pressure (10PSI/0.7Bar or less). To meet HVLP requirements, the air pressure measured at the air cap must be between 0.1 and 10 PSI. LVLP is the abbreviation for low air flow and low air pressure. It uses lower air flow (5-18 CFM) than HVLP (10-25 CFM), and lower air pressure (10-30 PSI) than traditional air spray guns (35-60 PSI).

So the difference between HVLP spray guns and LVLP spray guns is that the pressure of HVLP spray guns at the air cap is 10 PSI, which has high transmission efficiency; The air consumption of HVLP spray gun is slightly higher than CFM (10-25), and users should adjust the flow rate of the air compressor appropriately. LVLP spray gun has better atomization effect and faster spray to achieve better surface effect. At the same time, LVLP spray gun uses less air consumption CFM (5-18), but requires slightly higher air pressure (10-30 PSI).

Secondly,Purchase the corresponding nozzle size spray gun according to your usage situation.

Atomizing Head 2.0

Atomizing Head 1.7

Atomizing Head 1.5

Atomizing Head 1.4

Atomizing Head 1.3

High Viscosity Coatings

Sprayable Filters

High Build Primer

Primer Surfacer

Wet on Wet Primer

Primer Sealer

Direct Gloss/Single Stage Top Coat

Solvent Base Color


Water Base Coat

AEROPRO Have a model named A610 is LVLP spray gun.

【Upgrade Appearance】 R500 paint gun with new Teflon coating (also named as model A610), wear-resistant and dirty resistant.

【LVLP Spray Gun】 Use lower volume of air (3.0-3.9cfm) and lower pressure(2.0-3.5bar) final atomized paint creating a smooth finish with minimum overspray as compared to HVLP paint guns.

【Efficient & Easy to use】 Up to 65% paint utilization rate and 280mm spray width for less time and paint. Trigger with 2 gears, the first for dust cleaning, second for painting; Easy trigger reduce operating fatigue.

【Replaceable Parts for Wide Use】 With 1.3/1.5/1.7/1.4/2.0mm spraying replacement parts, great for both varnish and topcoat using. Soft, super-fine mist suitable for all kinds of surface.

【Durable Material】 Gun body can bear quadrupling working pressure; Stainless steel nozzle and needle accommodate a variety of coatings; PE material cup is corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

【Specification】 Nozzle:1.3/1.5/1.7/2.0/1.4mm; Operating Pressure:2.0-3.5bar; Pattern Width:180-280mm; Air Consumption:3.0-3.9cfm; Paint Capacity:600cc.

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