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What Type of nail gun do you use for fencing?


One of the most important tools for installing wood fencing is a nail gun. Choosing the right nail gun for your fencing project will help the job go faster and result in a sturdier, better constructed fence.


Use a pneumatic (air-powered) models provide more power and can drive nails more quickly into denser woods like cedar and redwood, which are commonly used for outdoor fencing. Cordless nail guns offer greater freedom of movement since they run on battery power, but they don’t have quite as much driving force. If your fence project involves substantial areas of dense wood or you want maximum nailing power, go with a pneumatic nail gun.


Next, you’ll need to choose between a coil nailer or a strap nailer. Coil nailers use round coils of collated nails that are fed via a sprocket. They generally hold more nails than other designs, reducing the need to stop and reload frequently. Strip nailers use sticks of nails connected with wire or glue. Strip nails are laid flat, so these guns have a narrower profile and can fit in tighter spaces. But they don’t hold as many nails as coil nailers.

AEROPRO CN83 Coil Framing Nailer 

Consider how much maneuverability you need around fence posts and braces when deciding between coil and strip nailers. For most wood fence projects, a coil nailer provides the better of convenience and ease of use.


Within these categories, you”ll find nail guns designed for different purposes. Framing nailers can handle heavy-duty nailing tasks with nails up to 3-1/2 inches long. Finish nailers use smaller nails, typically up to 2-1/2 inches, appropriate for lighter nailing like attaching fence boards. Brad nailers employ tiny fasteners just 5/8 to 2-inch long for delicate jobs.




Required pressure


Nail Capacity








The firing mode is also an important consideration. There are three types: sequential, bump fire, and contact trip. Sequential triggers fire one nail each time the trigger is pulled, allowing precise placement. Bump fire triggers allow rapid firing when the trigger is held down and the tip bumped against the work. Contact trip triggers fire a nail each time the tip touches the work surface. Bump fire and contact trip nailers work well for fencing since you typically want to quickly insert multiple nails in a row. However, a sequential trigger allows you to fire individual nails when needed. Aeropro CN83 extra fast at the rate of 3 nails per second.


Look for nailers designed for outdoor use with sealed components to prevent issues with moisture and dust. Models with high capacities like Aeropro CN83 nailer magazines holding 200-300 nails reduce downtime spent reloading.

By choosing pneumatic nailer, installing a fencing nailer saves tons of time and effort compared to hammering each nail by hand.