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What Is Airless Paint Sprayer? How Does It Work?


Airless paint sprayer is a tool used to apply paint by spraying it onto large area surfaces.  Unlike conventional spray guns that use compressed air, airless sprayers use hydraulic pressure to atomize and propel the paint.  This allows them to spray thicker materials like paints and stains that would clog a regular spray gun.


Airless spray painting is a method of spray painting where the paint is atomized without using air, giving it the name "airless". Instead, paint is forced out through a tiny hole under extremely high pressure to atomize it into a spray pattern.


The core of an airless spray system is an electric or gas powered high pressure paint pump.  These pumps use a piston or diaphragm to pressurize paint up to 3000 PSI as it draws from a reservoir. The paint then travels through a reinforced hose to the airless spray gun.



AEROPRO R450 Airless Paint Sprayer 

The spray gun is lightweight with a trigger that controls fluid flow. At the front is a metal tip drilled with a tiny hole ranging from 0.015 to 0.035 inches wide. As paint enters under high pressure, this tiny orifice acts as a fluid restriction that converts pressure to velocity.


When the trigger is pulled, the extremely high pressure forces the paint through the hole at exceeding speeds. As the paint accelerates through the hole, the high forces break up the paint into tiny droplets, atomizing it into a fine mist-like spray.


Unlike air spray guns that mix compressed air with the fluid, airless systems use fluid pressure alone to achieve atomization. The high pressure fan pattern can be adjusted by using different orifice sizes and shapes.  0.015 inch tips create a fine mist while 0.035 inch tips provide a heavier spray.

Some key advantages of airless sprayers over conventional spray guns include, high paint output, more coverage per minute than brushes or rollers.  Entire houses can be painted in a day.


Ability to spray thicker paints and coatings without diluting or thinning. This includes latex house paint, Fireproofing paints, primers, lacquers, varnishes, and colorant. Provides a smooth, factory-like finish over brushes and rollers. The fine atomization lays down a uniform coat.

Good adhesion, the high pressure helps paint penetrate into surfaces deeply. Can spray in any direction, even upside down for ceilings and overhangs. Minimal overspray compared to HVLP spray guns, does not require a separate air compressor.

For homeowners or contractors looking for a reliable airless sprayer, the AEROPRO R450 is an excellent choice. The R450 has a durable and lightweight metal frame and a 1.2 horsepower motor that can supply up to 3300 PSI of pressure. It comes with a 15m hose and pro-style metal spray gun. Supports up to a 0.021 spray tip and suitable for a variety of paint products.


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