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What Is an Air Hammer Used For?


An air hammer, also known as a pneumatic hammer, is a powerful percussion tool that is powered by compressed air. It delivers repeated blows from a hammering piston to the work surface through a chisel or other attachment. Air hammers are commonly used in maintenance, manufacturing, and automotive repair where a lot of force is needed.


The main components of an air hammer include a piston driven by compressed air that impacts a reciprocating ram delivering the hammering force. The ram protrudes from the front of the tool and can have different shaped tips attached to it for specific jobs. Common tip attachments include chisels, needles, and chisel/cutter combo ends.


The main advantage of air hammers over traditional electric or manual hammers is their ability to deliver much higher impact energy. This makes them well-suited for jobs that require breaking up or demolishing hard materials like concrete, metal, or steel. The hammering action helps break apart material through repeated heavy blows rather than grinding or cutting. Air hammers can impact with over 10 times the force of a manual hammer, allowing them to make quick work of jobs like chipping away concrete, breaking up metal shell and more.



In automotive repair shops, air hammers find their utility during tasks like repairing dents or removing stubborn parts.  The concentrated impact produced by these tools helps technicians reshape damaged car panels or removing rusted bolts, break shock absorber fasteners and to split ball joints and rubber bushings with relative ease.


In metalworking, they are frequently employed in metal fabrication processes such as shaping, cutting, and chiseling metals. Metalworking shops use air hammers to cut and shape metal. Air hammers are used to flatten, shape and cut most metals from thin aircraft-grade aluminum, copper, to other materials like 10-gauge structural steel. They are also used to deburr and smooth metal as well.


Woodworking and stoneworking shops also use air hammers to speed up chiseling and carving jobs on wood and stone, as well.



AEROPRO Air Impact Hammer AP17621 is Perfect for cutting, chipping, piercing, and scraping.

Aeropro Air Hammer delivers 4,500 blows per minute(BPM) and the working pressure is 90PSI, so it can get more force per blow. 1/4 NPT air inlet and the hose diameter is 3/8” I.D, which is easy to be powered by Air compressor.

Chisels And Retaining Spring, Includes 4 chisels and chisel spring retainer (cold chisel, ripping chisel, punch, and panel cutter)


Model No: AP17621

Chisel Shank: 2.5"

Free Speed: 4500Rpm

Air Inlet (Npt): 1/4"

Air Hose(Id): 3/8"

Sug.Air Conmp: 2Hp

Net Weight: 0.98kg

Overall Length: 140mm


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