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What are the benefits of using the air sander?


Air sander are versatile air tools that can be used for a variety of sanding applications. They use compressed air to power a sanding head that oscillates or rotates to quickly and efficiently sand metal, wood, and more. Here are some of the key benefits of using air sander.


One of the biggest advantages of air sander is their speed. The powerful compressed air allows the sander to operate at very high RPMs, removing material much faster than could be done by hand. The air supply can power through sanding jobs in a fraction of the time it would take by hand. This makes air sander ideal for large scale sanding jobs when you need to get the job done fast.


Needless to say that air sanders are far more user-friendly.


Sanding by hand requires pressing down firmly and can be tiring on the arm and hand muscles. Air sander provide powered assistance, greatly reducing the physical exertion. The user simply guides the sander, letting the compressed air do the hard work. This makes air sander the preferred choice for large sanding jobs like refinishing automotive body panels, where hand sanding would be fatiguing. The AEROPRO AP17316 easy grip handles give you good control without tiring your hands.


Air sanders are very much efficient in working in harsh weather. No matter whether it is heat, water, debris, or other extreme conditions, the air sander will work as effectively as it does in a normal environment.


The variety of air sander types and sizes makes them versatile enough for dozens of applications. From auto body work to metalworking, air sander can be used for all kinds of material polishing, smoothing, shaping, and finishing tasks.


Better Than Electric Sander

Pneumatic air sander do not contain components like electric motors, brushes and switches that wear out over time. Air power eliminates the friction and heat which can cause premature failure in electric tools. Air sander are subjected to basically no wear when running, so they have a very long service life compared to electric models. Maintenance is also minimal for air sander.


Air sander have a simple design with few parts so they require minimal maintenance other than occasional lubrication. With no motor or electrical parts, there is less to wear out compared to electric sander. Just connect to your compressed air supply and they are ready to run whenever needed.


With the proper safety precautions, air sander are safer than electric sander which present risks like shocks and sparks. There are no exposed electrical parts.



AEROPRO AP17316 unique ergonomic design, quiet, random sanding action for smooth, pattern-free finish, provide a fast, efficient and flexible option for sanding tasks.


Model No: AP17316

Sanding Pad: 6"

Free Speed: 10000Rpm

Air Inlet (Npt): 1/4"

Air Hose(Id): 3/8"

Sug.Air Comp:2Hp

Net Weight: 1.84kg

Overall Length: 240mm

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