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How to Choose a Framing Nailer for the Job at Hand


Whether you’re framing a whole house or just building a shed, having the right framing nailer for the job makes quality work much easier. Framing nailers drive nails quickly and efficiently into wood for assembling wall frames, roof trusses, sheathing, subfloors, and other framing applications.


Determine the Scale of Your Project


The first thing to think about is the size and scope of the framing job you’ll be using the nail gun for. Are you building a large addition from the ground up? Renovating a single wall? Building a backyard shed? The requirements can differ substantially based on the scale. For smaller jobs, a pneumatic nailer in the 18-gauge range will suffice and use in tight spots. Larger whole-house framing requires a larger nailer, generally 15-16 gauge, that can sink nails up to 3-1/2” deep consistently.


What Size Nails You Need To Drive


Framing nailers come in different models designed for different nail lengths, with the most common sizes being 2-1⁄2 inches, 3 inches, 3-1⁄4 inches, and 3-1⁄2 inches. If you’re building a residential wood frame structure, a 2-1⁄2 inch-3 inch nail length capacity is typical. For heavier commercial framing jobs, you may need 3-1⁄4 inch -3-1⁄2 inch nails and a beefier nail gun to power them. Matching your nail gun to the fastener size needed for the framing materials is the starting point.  


Two Firing Modes


You’ll also need to decide between a sequential and contact trip trigger. Sequential triggers fire a nail each time the trigger is pulled, allowing precise nail placement. Contact trip triggers drive a nail when the nose of the gun is pressed against a surface. This mode is faster but not as precise. Think about your usual needs, detail work calls for a sequential trigger while high volume framing will benefit from a contact trip mode.


Coil Or Stick Nailer


Consider whether you need a coil or stick nailer. Stick nails use a collated plastic strip much like a bandolier. Coil framing nail guns utilize a spool of nails joined by wire or plastic. Coil nailers take more practice to master and can tangle but may suit high volume jobs with very repetitive nailing tasks. Stick systems are more popular today for reliability and ease of clearing jams.


Evaluate Size and Ergonomics  


As a handheld tool, the framing nailer design affects comfort and control during use. Lighter weight around 7-8 pounds improves maneuverability for positioning nails precisely. Rubber grip handles likewise provide better comfort if operating the tool continuously throughout a workday. A well-balanced nail gun with reversible trigger lets you grip with your dominant hand in front. Some users may prefer an angled magazine orientation to see the nail point through framing.


Find Practical Functions


Look for solid construction with metal housing components for job site durability, inexpensive plastic models don’t hold up under heavy daily use.


Being able to adjust nail depth is key so you avoid overdriving nails below the surface. Many framing nailers now come with tool-free dial adjustments for setting precise countersinking control.


And very importantly, examine the nail gun’s nosepiece design. Look for non-marring nose guards to protect your workpieces from scratching or denting.



Choose reliable AEROPRO ARHF9021 21°Round Head Framing Nailer. It has heat treated air inlet plug with longer life and greater drive power. With depth adjusting device and strong aluminum magazine. Single fire or sequential fire available. Smaller magazines at 21 degrees are ideal for nailing wall studs horizontally into the top and bottom plates in tight spaces where clearance is limited.


Accepts 2" - 3-1/4"(50-90mm), 21° round head, plastic collated strip nails. ldeal for framing, subflooring, roof decking, and wall sheathing.


Model No:ARHF9021



Working Pressure:80-120Psi(5.5-8Bar)



Load Capacity:2x30Pcs

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