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How to Renovate Your Garage with an Airless Paint Sprayer


Is your garage looking a little rough around the edges? With a high-quality airless paint sprayer, you can easily give your garage interior a top-to-bottom makeover for a refreshed look.


Choosing the Right Airless Sprayer

The first step is selecting an airless unit that can handle the demands of painting a garage interior. You'll want a robust sprayer that can atomize thicker coatings and spray at high pressure for a fine finish.


For most residential garages, I'd recommend an electric airless sprayer putting out at least 3000 PSI with a 0.517 or 0.519 tip size. This will give you enough pressure and output to spray quickly and evenly. Larger sprayers like those in the 4000+ PSI range used on industrial jobs may be overkill unless you have an absolutely massive garage. Make sure to pick a sprayer designed for intermittent or continuous use so it won't overheat from the garage job's duration.


Site Prep for Interior Spraying

This step is just as important as the spraying itself to ensure a great finished result. Start by clearing out everything you can from the garage interior - tools, shelves, storage items, etc. It's easiest if you can move any larger items like cabinets, workbenches, etc into the driveway temporarily. For anything that can't be moved, use heavy plastic sheeting to mask it off completely.


The surfaces you'll be spraying need to be cleaned thoroughly of any dirt, grease, cobwebs, etc. A degreaser or TSP substitute may be needed for tough stains. Let the surfaces dry fully.


If you'll be spraying onto previously painted surfaces, it's best to degloss them first with a liquid deglosser or by sanding. This will help the new paint adhere properly.


Once cleaning is done, mask off any areas you don't want painted, trim, windows, floors, etc with masking paper and tape. Use top quality masking supplies and be thorough to avoid overspray issues.  


Painting Technique for Garage Walls & Ceilings


Work using a continuous stroke, always keeping the gun perpendicular to the surface and in motion. Start spraying before squeezing the trigger and release the trigger before stopping. This prevents heavy buildup at the start and end of each stroke.


Overlap each spray pass by about 40%. On broad wall surfaces, use a horizontal stroke from left to right (or vice versa for left-handers). Spray corners and trim areas separately using vertical strokes.


Work from the top of the wall down and far side to near side to reduce potential lap marks. Apply two medium coats rather than one heavy coat.


When spraying the ceiling, stand to one side rather than directly underneath for better visibility and coverage.


To increase your reach on high garage ceilings, switch to a longer extension pole. Just be mindful of controlling any potential overspray.


Stay at least 12 inches away from the surface. Getting too close can cause drips and excessive paint buildup. If stopping for any length of time, trigger the gun into a bucket or waste container to prevent dried paint from clogging the tip.


Once the walls and ceiling are done, you have the option of also painting the garage floor. This adds a clean finished look and protects against oil, grease, and tire marks.


When spray painting garage floors, it's best to use a specialized floor paint or epoxy coating formulated for superior durability. These products resist hot tire pickup, chemicals, and abrasion far better than standard wall paints. 


The AEROPRO AP8626 airless paint sprayer is the ideal tool for quickly and easily renovating the garage. Compact structure, light weight, high productive sprayer for DIY and Tradesman professional use.


Despite its lightweight form factor, the AP8626 packs a punch with 3000 PSI max pressure and a 1.0 HP motor power. With the 821 airless spray gun and 7.6m high pressure air hose for easy mobility when painting.


Ideal for small to medium projects, indoor and outdoor DIY projects such as interior walls, ceilings, exterior siding, fences, decks, sheds, garages and more.


Voltage:220V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz

Motor Size:1.0HP, 750W

Max pressure:3000psi

Standard Nozzle Size:517(0.017")

Length of High Pressure Hose:7.6m

Max.Pressure for the Hose:83Mpa

Flow Rate:1.2L/Min

Net Weight:7.0Kgs, 15.4Lbs

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