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How To Get The Most From Your Pneumatic Staple Gun


Air staplers are amazingly useful for everything from upholstery and construction to housewares. Really get the most value out of your pneumatic stapler, there are some important tips and best practices to keep in mind.


Understand The Mechanics


High quality pneumatic staplers use a hard chrome plated cylinder, cylinder cap, and driver blade. This gives them incredible durability to withstand the constant pounding of the piston firing. The cylinder cap also has precise porting to allow air to escape efficiently after each firing cycle.


The main valve controls the flow of air into the cylinder to fire the tool. A quality valve will have a stripped spool design that allows the valve to operate smoothly with minimal friction and air leakage. You'll also want a valve with a wide cross-section to allow maximum airflow for consistent firing power on every shot.


Match the Staple to the Material


Using the proper staple gauge (thickness) and crown width for your work material is crucial for a secure hold that doesn't damage the surface. As a general guideline:


Light gauge staples (18-23) work best for thin materials like upholstery

Heavier gauge staples (16-18) are needed for denser woods and hardwoods

Wider crowns provide better clinching and holding power in softer woods

Narrower crowns minimize surface damage in delicate materials


Extending Air Reservoir Duration


There are a few simple tips to extend the duration between refills when operating a pneumatic stapler:


Use a larger tank compressor rated for the tool's air consumption. For high-volume stapling, we recommend at least a 6-gallon compressed air reserve tank. The bigger the better for avoiding pressure drops and constant auto re-filling cycles.


Connect your stapler to the compressor with a high-flow air hose that's at least 3/8" diameter. Narrower hoses restrict air delivery, robbing your tool of ample cfm flow rates.


Don't work at maximum pressures higher than necessary for your materials. Dialing back the pressure by just 10-15 psi can reduce overall air consumption by up to 30% without impacting performance much.  


Install a quality air line filter ahead of your stapler to block particulates from clogging internal components over time. Sticky valves and reduced piston travel gums up air flow.


Maintain Your Pneumatic Staple Gun


Whenever possible, use your pneumatic stapler on clean surfaces free of sawdust, drywall dust and other contaminants. Work clean and take steps to keep dust and debris away from the tool's exhaust port where it can easily be sucked into the internal mechanisms.


After periods of heavy use, you'll want to give your stapler a full cleaning, clearing out any residue buildup and re-lubricating key components. This may involve soaking certain parts in solvent, using compressed air to blow out debris, and applying pneumatic tool oil to lubricating points.


In general, avoid using conventional lubricants like WD-40 with pneumatic tools, as these can eventually gum up the works. Use only lubricants specifically designed for pneumatic tool upkeep.


Inspect and replace any worn or damaged internal parts. Even small components like o-rings that seem trivial can drastically impair performance and safety if they fail.



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Die-cast aluminum body for strong driving and light weight. Economical air consumption and low noise. It drives Ga.20 staple from 6mm to 22mm length, excellent for furniture backs, upholstery, paneling, drawer, rails and etc.


Outline dimension: 54x186x241mm

Weight(without fasteners): 1.25kg(2.71lb)

Required pressure: 70-110psi(4.8-7.5bar)

Max.pressure: 120psi(8.3bar)

Magazine capacity: 100pcs

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