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What's worth noting When Using Car Spray Gun


Before you even think about picking up that spray gun, careful preparation is an absolute must. Whether you're a professional auto painter or a DIYer, there are several key things worth noting when spraying that new coat of paint. 


Proper Gun Adjustments


Not all spray guns are created equal, even from the same manufacturer. There are important adjustments that need to be made to dial in the perfect spray pattern, fluid flow, and atomization for your specific gun, paint, and application.


Carefully adjust the fluid and air inlet pressures with your particular spray gun model. Flow out some test patterns on cardboard or masking paper to inspect the fan pattern shape and size.


Ideally, a slight overlap of each pass for an even coating without dry spraying the edges. The fan pattern should have a well-atomized middle area that tapers to a light mist at the edges, free of heavy liquid steams on the fringes.


Paint and Reducer Choice  


Perhaps the single most important factor in any automotive paint job is the actual paint system itself. There are many different paint and clearcoat chemistries on the market, each with their own proper reducer (thinner), application process, and techniques involved.


The paint's reducer helps control the viscosity, flow out properties, and even the curing/drying characteristics. Using the wrong thinner or mixing ratio basically defeats the engineering that went into formulating the paint for optimal performance.


We advise taking the additional step of straining the paint through a mesh filter after mixing but before pouring into the spray gun cup. This helps remove any gelled particles or solids that could potentially clog up the gun.


Cleanliness and Gun Maintenance


A car spray gun has very small air and fluid passages that are extremely prone to blockages and contamination. Dried paint buildup, moisture, or debris in the air lines can quickly cause all sorts of spraying defects like spitting, rough fans, and even complete blockages.


Highly advise having a gun cleaning kit with a tight brush, solvent cups, air blowers, and other tools to routinely deep clean your spray gun and lines. Maintaining cleanliness should become an ingrained habit because contaminants introduced into the fresh paint tends to show up as unsightly defects.


Air Supply Quality


Since air spray guns rely on a steady supply of compressed air to atomize and propel the paint properly, pay very close attention to the air source quality. Even tiny amounts of moisture, oil, or contaminants in the air supply can wreak havoc on the finish.


At an absolute minimum, make sure to use an air line filter and moisture trap on the compressor outlet to help remove bulk contaminants before the air reaches the spray gun. For even better results, invest in a professional air drying system to deliver absolutely clean, dry, oil-free air to the gun.




For Automobile finish painting, with AEROPRO A610 LVLP air spray gun in hand, painters can tackle any auto refinishing job with confidence. It is equipped with a precision-machined air cap and fluid nozzle, delivering exceptional atomization and precise pattern control.


Easily fine-tune the fluid delivery, pattern width, and fan control to achieve your desired results, whether you're working on intricate details or broad surfaces.


Quick access to the needle, nozzle, and air cap makes maintenance and cleaning a breeze. Less downtime. Handle a wide range of coatings including primers, paints, stains, varnishes, enamels and more.



Adapter Thread Size: Internal Thread M16x1.5

Feed Type:Gravity

Standard Nozzle:1.5mm

Optional Nozzle:1.3/1.4/1.5/1.7/2.0mm

Recommended Spraying Distance: 200mm

Recommended Air pressure:2.0-3.5bar(29-50psi)

Pattern Width:200-320mm

Air Inlet:1/4inch

Paint Capacity:600cc

Max.Temperature of the spray medium:50℃

Air consumption:3.0-3.9cfm  85.3-110.8L/min

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