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What Can You Do With an Air Die Grinder?


Air die grinders are indispensable tools in the metalworking industry, offering a precise, and versatile solution for a wide range of grinding, deburring, finishing, and cutting applications.


What is an Air Die Grinder?

Air die grinder is a pneumatic rotary tool that spins at incredibly high speeds, typically between 20,000 - 25,000 RPM. It consists of a small yet powerful air motor encased in a rugged housing, with a collet or chuck that securely holds accessories like grinding discs, burrs, or drill bits.


Air die grinders are compact, lightweight, and designed for exceptional maneuverability, allowing you to work in tight spaces that larger grinders can't access. Their high-speed rotation makes them ideal for grinding, deburring, honing, polishing on a variety of materials.


Unlike electric die grinders that require a power cord, air die grinders run off compressed air supplied by an air compressor through an air hose. This pneumatic design offers several advantages, no risk of electric shocks, increased portability, and the ability to work in wet environments.


Core Uses and Applications


Metalworking and Fabrication

In metalworking, welding, and fabrication shops, air die grinders are indispensable for grinding, deburring, removing welds, and putting a fine finish on metal parts and structures. Their compact size and maneuverability allow them to reach even the tightest spaces and awkward angles that belt grinders and angle grinders simply can't.


With the right mounted accessory, air die grinders can quickly remove excess material, smooth out rough edges, and polish metal surfaces to a mirror-like shine. This versatility makes them ideal for prepping metal parts prior to painting, plating, or further fabrication.


Automotive Repair and Restoration

For automotive technicians and restoration experts, air die grinders are go-to tools for a multitude of tasks. They excel at grinding down welds, removing rust and paint from body panels, deburring sharp edges on repaired parts, and polishing aluminum and stainless steel components to a showroom shine.


In the engine bay, air die grinders allow mechanics to precisely grind valve seats, clean up pitted surfaces, and hone cylinder walls for optimal engine performance and longevity. Their compact design also makes them perfect for working in tight spaces around the engine, suspension, and other components.


Woodworking and Crafting

With the right burrs and accessories, these tools can be used for wood carving, engraving, texturing surfaces, and putting exquisite details on wood projects and sculptures.


For woodturners and carvers, air die grinders provide a level of precision and control that larger rotary tools simply can't match. Their high-speed rotation and compact size make them ideal for intricate details, tight spaces, and delicate finishing work.


Accessory Attachments Expand Possibilities

What truly sets air die grinders apart is the vast array of accessory attachments available. These small but mighty tools can accommodate a wide range of burrs, mounted points, discs, and drill bits, each designed for specific tasks and materials.


Mounted Grinding Discs: For aggressive stock removal and shaping of metal, wood, plastic, and more. Available in different grits and diameters.


Burrs: Cylindrical, round, or specialty-shaped rotary cutting tools made from tungsten carbide or other hardened materials. Used for deburring, engraving, carving, and fine detailing work.


Abrasive Brushes: Wire or fiber brushes that can clean, remove rust and corrosion, or impart decorative finishes on various surfaces.


Polishing Accessories: Felt bobs, cotton buffs, and polishing wheels used with specialized compounds to achieve mirror-like finishes on metal, wood, and plastics.  


Drill Bits: Small drill bits can be chucked into air die grinders, making them suitable for light-duty drilling in tight spaces.



Whether you're a mechanic, welder, or DIY enthusiast, an air die grinder should be in your tool arsenal. AEROPRO AP17314 air die grinder to deliver versatile, high-performance capabilities.


Lightweight aluminum body, delivering up to 22,000 RPM of grinding power. At just 7 inches long and weighing only 1.18 lbs, prolonged use won't fatigue your hands even during extended jobs. Safety lever prevents accidental starts. Rear exhaust to keep the airflow away from the work area.


Great for high speed grinding, porting smoothing, general polishing and deburring. Used for all kinds of mold, metal products and handicrafts, the manufacturing of circuit board, blank finishing,grinding finishing and so on.




Chuck Size:1/4'' and 1/8''

Free Speed:22000RPM

Overall Length:7.0''(180mm)

Air Inlet:1/4''

Air Hose:3/8''

Sug.Air comp:1.5HP

Net Weight:0.54kg

Avg.Air Consumption:4.5cfm(128.2L/Min)

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